Michael Jackson’s Destiny…

….finally became clear us as the global catharsis caused by his recent passing unfolded in real time. Like so many others, I was struck/surprised by how much his loss affected me. I felt the need to pull out all my Jackson records and MP3s and spent a week awash in tunes so funky/familiar they feel encoded in in my DNA. On the day of his death, a few of us gathered at the Chicken Loft to listen and talk in a beer fueled (and ironically emotional) farewell. Earlier I had festooned my decks with all the Jackson records I could find and noticed that Destiny was right in the front. Funny/strange. Then I found the Thriller 12″ (I got where?) and realized it was the perfect size for an Album Face. So I created a little shrine and snapped away.

With Umass cap over heart, I caught this super ironical shot in which Michael looks back at his Destiny and my many, many faces. Perfect.

Farewell. Say “hi” to Elvis for us.

Thriller Instrumental for all MPFreejays! Njoy.