A Boston rocker turned PhDj, my live sets and tracks draw from diverse sound sources and production techniques. My heart is rooted in golden age hip-hop but the beat is my muse so I am just as likely to play a classic boogie tune as the latest ragga jungle track from 1995. I tend not to worry about the recent trends and am still digging for future scratch classics that will get the party moving. Classic dancehall, funk, downtempo, dub and strange thrift store finds wind up in the mix early and often. As a DJ, producer and multi-instrumentalist, I have been a member of several Boston bands including The Franc Graham Band, the Pineapple Ranch Hands and the ongoing experimental live loop project Elk/Hebeats. I am a semi-regular guest at the weekly Beat Research night at the Enormous Room in Cambridge, MA and have been rockin' dancehalls and parties in the Bean and elsewhere for many years now.


Here are some recent Pace creations including some I did with Darren and the dubbox

  • Shabba_Lets_Get_It_On_Remix.mp3 is a remix of a Shabba track I did with a nice dubhoppin beat.
  • People Are So Unkind/Count Dubula.mp3 are two live dubs/remixes I made with Darren and the Dub Box. People are so Unkind was done mostly live (with Darren and Eric Paull), but with an added turntable track or two. Count Dubula was a totally live dub Darren made using the audio from the death scene of Scream Blackula Scream. Wicked!
  • The story of think tree.mp3 is a live mashup of three of my favorite Beantown producers (Peter Moore, DJ C and DJ Flack). It features the classic old Think Tree track Hire A Bird mashed with the DJ C remix of the Story of O. Mash dat!


  • Awakendanger.mp3: Sample-based composition featuring friends in Russian River, CA, 1980's Reagan flexidisc, G.W. Bush comments on 9/11, etc.
  • Dolbywaxdat.mp3: Live mashup of Thomas Dolby's Dissidents the Search for Truth -- Pt. 1and Wayne & Wax's DJ C It Dat and acapella, Mashit 005
  • Reagan Speaks For Himself Flexi-Jam.mp3. Listen to me cut and scratch the Reagan flexi disc. For more info

Band featuring members of Think Tree/Count Zero, Dave Geller and a rotating cast of friends and family playing samples, drums, keyboards, toys, sound effects and anything else we can mic up

  • Invocation.mp3 and Elohim.mp3 are two live improvisations we did as Hebeats (in which I play Jewish kids records and other Hebraica)