The mission of L.O.V.E. is to preserve, research and represent the "vinyl" experience. Our on-line library will consist of a Wiki community that documents, shares and discusses rare and/or culturally important recorded material that has entered the public domain. By doing so, we will document the collections for future generations, generate and share ethnographic, historical, and structural data about the material, and introduce the general public to music that would otherwise remain obscure.

You can help by making contributions of social, financial, technological, informational or musical capital.

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Pacey Foster

Founder and Executive Director , LOVE



As people replace their old records with digital copies, collections that took years to build are divided up, sold off and often given away. The oral histories and curatorial information associated with them is lost forever. Our primary preservation mission is to provide a safe, permanent home for large, rare and/or thematically coherent collections of records and the curatorial information that goes with them. In this work, we will seek to complement (rather than duplicate) the collections of organizations like the Library of Congress and the Archive of Contemporary Music.

Unlike these organizations, we will focus specifically on analog recorded material (e.g., vinyl, shellac and acetate records, wax cylinders, etc.) and the social, cultural and aesthetic experience associated with it. We will also collect smaller and less coherent collections of relatively common records and make them available to their owners in perpetuity while allowing others to experience them. By documenting each donor's collection and ensuring that one copy of each record is always available in the library, donating members will always be able to come back and listen to their records. Duplicate copies of non-collectible records will be placed in the general stacks and/or sent to satellite collections so that more people can love them as much as their original owners did. By recreating a lively world around records, we hope to preserve the unique aesthetic, social, cultural and technological experience associated with them.


We will advance academic research by gathering and disseminating ethnographic and structural data about the collection (e.g., perceived similarities among items, relationships among items).This web page on mapping cultural markets illustrates the kind of formal research we will support and suggests some of the visualization tools we will be using to represent our data. We will also contribute to the growing movement to democratize intellectual property by making our data available to other researchers under creative commons share alike licenses.


We will publish recordings that have entered the public domain (along with curatorial and contextual information about them) it via a wiki community. All of these will be released under creative commons share alike licenses. We will support the reuse and reinterpretation of this material by posting selected compositions that artists make out of the copyright free material on our site. Eventually, we hope to have a physical location where we will represent and support the vinyl experience by offering DJ performances, lectures, classes, conferences and youth programming associated with records.