The original DMX

…was from Boston?!?! Back before Earl Simmons became known as the NY DMX, a Boston Beatboxer by the same name was tearing up local mics. I had not realized that the DMX we have come to recognize was also originally a beatboxer who got his start around 1984. I guess given the timeline, a DMX vs DMX battle was a possibility. Note to the hip-hop historians: Could we still put this battle together as a follow up to the infamous A-Train vs Solo Battle? (Yeah NYC, we won that one hands down). DMX (NYC) and DMX (Boston), you down?

Anyway, a while back I got a request for some Boston DMX and being the keeper of the tapes, it is my responsibility to provide. Here is the classic DMX/LaCarr routine from the Leccos Lemma show ca. 1986. There are so many amazing things about this routine to me. From the quotation of Trans Europe Express, Inspector Gadget AND the Pink Panther to the huge number of people in the background shouting and cheering along to the whistle beatboxing (which according to A-Train we invented) to the seamless tradeoffs between these cousins, it’s another example of how Boston was right there at the start (and all along really).

DMX LeCarr Spring1986B by LeccosLemma

You want more? Here’s the Beantown Beatbox Extravaganza!

Leccos Lemma Beatbox Extravagana B by LeccosLemma

Respect to Magnus, Willie and Matt (the original Lecco’s Lemma archivists).

2 thoughts on “The original DMX

  1. Thanks for the upload!!! The original DMX from Boston was and still is a very talented beatboxer! His skillz on this track r crazy

  2. t
    To settle the question on who created the whistle beat. I never said anything because I know where it came from.

    Although my cousin DMX got me into beatboxing and was crazy creative, I created the whistle beat. With all of D’s unique creativity, we still would ride off of each other to create new and interesting beats. I’ve always had an interest in animals, so I had many pets. I had two guinea pigs one of them was named Penny, she would make that high whistle sound when I came into the room or when she was hungry. I started mimicking penny, rolled my tongue let it out and added some base and so came the whistle beat. It was first introduced by DMX and me on Leccos Lemma, after that other lighter less creative versions came out. I remember Shawn P went as far as to bring in a real whistle the following week.

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