Mastermind Monstamix: Boston’s Ragamuffin Hip-Hop History

Hey all. Last week I got a short notice request to join flack and wayne at Beat Research tonight. I decided I’d use the night to showcase some of my favorite local ragamuffin hip hop. And when you are doing that, you are basically playing stuff from Jr. Rodigan’s Mastermind Records. Everyone knows the classic ragamuffin hip hop sounds popularized by Bobby Kondors via Massive B Records. Lots of folks also know the collection of stuff on Profile (including the seminal Daddy Freddy and Asher D track) not to mention all the stuff on Nervous. What most people don’t know is that in the mid-90’s, Boston was putting out raggamuffin hip-hop as good as anyplace!!!! Believe it. Like all things hip-hop, Boston’s contribs have gone less recognized than some other places. Until now.

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Mastermind Monstamix

I offer this Mastermind Monstamix to prove that the Bean was rocking the ragga sound as hard as anyplace in the mid 1990s. As usual, its pretty much unedited and done live with two decks and included here warts and all. Its also clearly not ALL mastermind stuff and veers into a little paid in full mini-mashup by the end complete with Wayne flowin’ over a PM dawn IM (which always makes me smile).

Respect to Rodigan and his collaborators including the prolific Bingy Twins who co-produced many of his hottest raggamuffin hip-hop dancefloor burners! I’ll be rocking Boston Raggamuffin Hip Hop Classix tonight at Beat Research for anyone in town.

Bigup to the beantown massive. Stay tuned for the Monstamind Master Mix that will be highlighting some lesser known scientifikal rappers from MA.



Last night, I had the honor of meeting Jr. Rodigan and playing a set of his classic 90s track while he sat and listened. Talk about pressure. He shook my hand at the end of the night though, so I guess I did it proper. Listening to his verse on One in the Chamba while he sang along next to me has to be one of my all time best musical moments! More on that track in a minute but for now, keep those Boston beats bumpin’.

8 thoughts on “Mastermind Monstamix: Boston’s Ragamuffin Hip-Hop History

  1. REQUIRED listening.

    And it was an excellent set a few mondays ago. Thanks for it.

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  3. Thank you VERY MUCH for taking the time to feature our productions with so much care and attention … it means a lot more than you realise …
    Thanks to everyone else who enjoyed this mix …
    The track at 19:25 is the great PRENTO KIDD ” Killer ” on the BOOMSHELL GANGSTA ( Released on our “Other” label MADNESS !! )
    Thank you again
    ps. LOVE that picture !!! lol …WOW !!!

  4. Hey JR! Thanks for the love and for keeping Boston bubblin’ all these years. I still buy your records every time I see them (and you should too dear reader). Someday, maybe I’ll have a complete set of doubles! 😉 A dude can dream anyway.

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